Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Another Week on the Lord's Errand

Dear Everyone,

General Conference was fantastic. I learned two big things from the talks: 1. I need to be filled with more love, and 2. I need to trust more in the Lord, and relax a little more. Some other messages really helped me in a more personal way, but I really enjoyed it. On Saturday, I watched the two main sessions in English, in a room in the stake center with the other Gringos. The first thing they asked me was "Did you bring food?" Because apparently general conference turns into a feeding frenzy for the North Americans, because we get our own little room to listen in English, and we're not in the actual chapel.

For Priesthood, they told me there wouldn't be a broadcast in English, so I sat with my Comp in the chapel. About halfway through, he said "Hey, there aren't any other North Americans in here. They must be watching in English." But it was too late, so I finished in Spanish.

The next day, we went to the chapel in Roosevelt, which used to be the stake center, with the whole branch. I watched in the office and the family history center on the computer with Elder Wall, another elder in the zone. We had investigators come both Saturday and Sunday, which is great, because some of our investigators work Sundays, so they were able to come Saturday. I was a bit surprised with all the people who were released, and that there weren't any new temples announced. But that's okay, it's all the Lord's will.

Yesterday we made potato casserole with Karen, one of our less-active members. It took so long to cook that we went back to eat it for breakfast today because it wasn't ready yesterday. We'll be cooking chicken with her one of these days as well. Her mom is Hermana Soto, who used to be our cook, and who recently returned from Nicaragua.

Overall, as far as my companion and the area, not much has changed. We're still joking around as usual, and I'm trying to relax more and just let it come. I've been stressing out too much, and it impedes the Spirit from helping me, so I need to try to relax a bit more.

Well, I don't really have much more to say this week. Just that I love you all, and keep on praying!

Yours in the faith,
Elder Nicholas Banks

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