Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Another Great Week, and Baptism!

Dear All,

First of all, to calm the worries of those of you who read the news, I'm not anywhere near Volcan de Fuego. I didn't even know it erupted until I read the email my parents just sent me. Yes, it is within the Central Mission, but the eruption was absolutely nowhere near my zone. I'm still in the capital, not in the mountains, where the volcano is.

Here in the Guatemala City Central Mission, we have a little saying. We always say "Nosotros Bautizamos Familias" ("We baptize families"). Here in Villa Hermosa, it seems to be a little different. As you will see in the attached baptism pictures of this week and last week, in Villa Hermosa, we say "Nosotros Bautizamos Viajitos," or "We baptize little old men." We just baptized Isidro, and this week we baptized Alonzo, and there's another gentleman named Augusto who may be baptized very soon. Usually the older part of the population isn't that receptive to listen to the Gospel and be baptized, because they "Already have their church," but here in Villa Hermosa, it's a little different, which is fantastic.

Alonzo was absolutely excited to get baptized. He wants to be part of the Church and serve in the Church. He's a widower and is retired, so basically has all the time he wants to be able to serve or work a little. During the baptismal service, he had changed back into street clothes, and he saw me mopping up some of the water on the floor. He said "Oh, no, Hermano, let me do that. Don't you worry!" He's got such a great heart and I'm so glad to know him. He'll be a great member of the Church! He's dressed in white in the picture, and the other guy is Hno. Batres, who really helped him get to baptism, and will really help him from here on out. Every new convert needs a friend, and Hno. Batres is Alonzo's friend within the church. He also knows several other members already, so he's right on the way to being a faithful member. We're going to see him again tomorrow, and I'm excited.

As far as the rest goes, it's been pretty normal. Yesterday we had a district activity. We ate delicious burritos made by Hna. Garcia, and we watched "The Other Side of Heaven." It was fun, especially because Elder Finau Ngalu is of Tongan descent and speaks Tongan. Also, there was a guy in the movie named Finau, which was kind of a funny coincidence! Overall, we had a great day, and got to relax a bit.

Other than that, it's just going great, working hard, working with the Spirit, and helping God's children return to him. It's really cool, and I'm really greatful that my Heavenly Father has let me be part of this work.

I love you all. Have a great day, and thank you for your prayers!

Elder Banks    

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