Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Day 1

     Things are going pretty well so far here at the MTC. About a minute after you dropped me off, I was walking along with the Host Elder and I ran into Elder Austin Claiborne (a neighbor from college) who was hosting as well. I called his name and he switched with my Host Elder and hosted me with his companion who is originally from Guatemala. It was really neat. Another college neighbor in Austin's mission was also there.

     I have two companions. All three of us are from Utah and we all get along pretty well so far. Two of us are headed to the Central Mission and the third is going to the South Mission.

     Spanish class is hard because the teacher never speaks English. He said we'll be teaching some investigators on Friday, so I'm a little nervous but I'm sure I'll get the help I need. I'll be praying for it!

     I just want you to remember how much I love  you. You guys are the best! I hope that all goes well at home.

     Also I found your gift (bag of taffy). You guys are pretty “sweet” yourselves.

     I just wanted you to know that I love it here so far and though it will be hard, it will be awesome. I love you all.


Elder Nicholas Banks

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