Saturday, September 3, 2011

Day 4

Dear Family,
     I am sorry about the whole email thing. I tried to log in too many times on a computer with a Spanish keyboard and I got locked out. I am going later to try and reset the password so I can write you a short message.
     The past couple of days have been pretty eventful. Thursday night, I was assigned as District Leader, which basically means I organize and uplift the elders in our district, pick up the mail, and facilitate communications with the Branch Presidency.
     The next morning, one of my companions disappeared at breakfast. We searched for him to no avail and when we got to class the other elders said they saw him leaving the MTC. He told them he was going home. Elder Corrigan and I then spent most of yesterday notifying people and trying to find the Elder. They're still looking for him and are keeping us posted. How about that for a first day in leadership?
     Last night we taught our first lesson to Martin, our work investigator. Language-wise the lesson was a bit of an “accidente de tren” (train wreck) but we got some good practice and we're teaching him again tonight. Hopefully it will go a little better!
     I hope all is well at home. Despite the events I'm still enjoying it here and Spanish is coming slowly but surely.
     I love you very much and I will email you next week. My P-day is Friday (the first week is different).
Elder Nicholas Banks
P.S. Thanks for the umbrella and sandals!

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