Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Hello from Guatemala!

This is my email for this week. Sorry it is so short, I don't really have time to write more. I am safely at the MTC in Guatemala City. My new companion is Elder Najarro, who came with us on the flight last night. I will also have a native companion who I will be with at certain times, so I can learn spanish and he can learn english. Elder Corrigan is still in our district, but is not my companion anymore. Most of our district is going to the Central mission, a couple (incl my companion) are going South, and one sister is going to Nicaragua. The district was all the people we flew with on the plane yesterday.

When I got on the plane to Guatemala last night, I had this great feeling that my life is about to change forever, and I was really excited. When I walked out of the airport, I felt a special feeling about this place. It was really cool. The city is actually pretty modern, and it's really cool to see how everything works here. The MTC here is really small, and we are right next to the temple. We can see it from our window and it's a great view! Everyone here is really nice, and most people speak English if you really need to communicate with them.

We also had a lesson/devotional today from the MTC president and his wife. They're really great, and I'm looking forward to getting to know them better. I think this MTC will be even better than the one in Provo! It's a little bit hard to understand everybody right now, but the president and his wife told us to just relax and have fun while speaking the language, and it will come. They really stressed the importance of not stressing out.

I've also been designated as the new "tech guy," to be trained shortly by the old tech guy. I get to help set up for meetings and the like, which means I'll probably get to help set up for when we watch General Conference in a couple weeks.

Also, some more details about the MTC address here:
It is:

Nicholas William Banks
Boulevard Vista Hermosa 23-71, Zona 15
Vista Hermosa 1
Guatemala, Ciudad de Guatemala

DO NOT write Elder on the envelope, and also do not write MTC or CCM (MTC in Spanish) as part of the address.

Anyway, just know how much I love you all, and I will write more to you next week.
Elder Nicholas Banks

p.s. I'm still on the same time zone as Utah, since Utah is on Daylight Savings at the moment.

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