Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Week in the Work

I've had a pretty interesting week.

We had the confirmations of the kids who were baptized during Sacrament Meeting, and that was neat. Next week will be stake conference, so we'll have something a little different going on there. The branch always gets a private bus so we can get out to the stake center easily and without other consequences. I'm excited, and interested to see if we can get investigators to the conference!

This week, I'm supposed to be directing the area. Yes, I'm still the junior companion, but my companion has asked me to direct this week, and that's that. I'm nervous, but I'll just have to trust in the Lord and he'll help me overcome.

I also had divisions with Elder Squires, my District Leader on Friday. It was fun. I got to speak some English, and sing some English hymns with him which was great. We had a couple good lessons, and we found a new investigator named Noel, who looks to be really great. He's humble, and he's really willing to learn. He doesn't attend any church, and he wants to set an example for his kids (though most are grown) by putting them in the paths of Christ. One of his sons was killed in October, so we started by teaching him about the Plan of Salvation and Eternal Families. He's very receptive, and though he is busy, he sets aside time to be able to meet with us, and we hope to read and pray as well. I'm really excited to see where we can get with him!

Sadly, I probably won't be able to see what happens with him. This week is the last full week of the transfer, and myself, my companion, and our district leader are thinking that I will probably be transfered to another area.

Misión Central has three distinct regions: The Capital, The Coast and The Mountains. I am currently in the Capital. Many of the older missionaries are saying that I am headed for the Coast or the Mountains, but we'll have to see what happens. At this point, only the Lord, President Brough, and his Assistants, Elder Crittenden and Elder Child, know where I'm headed. I'll receive a phone call on Monday telling us who will be leaving and who will be staying, then Tuesday to pack and say goodbye to everyone, and the actual transfer will take place at a meeting Wednesday. Of course, I'll tell you what's happening next Tuesday when I write you.

Overall, we're just working hard. Not much else to say. The other thing I'm learning to do is chat with people. In the MTC you learn how to teach people in Spanish, but not how to chat. Chatting is important because that's how you win people's confidence. I've seen that several times in Jerusalén because my companion is really good at it, and we've made our way into several doors, or made contact with several people in this manner. By winning their confidence, they become more receptive to the message we're bringing to their homes.

Also, my companion asks me English words all the time. He always says "Hey! What's up?" To people on the street, and the tone of voice he uses is awesome. He'll sometimes finish "What's up" with "bean" "dog," or something to that effect. It's kind of fun, but usually we don't have time to teach him a lot more than that.

This week, my spiritual thought is about humility. I was studying humility in Preach My Gospel, and it says that humility isn't just not boasting, it's also accepting God's will, and submitting to it. Humility is not trying to put yourself above others, but to serve them. As Jesus Christ said, "He who desires to be great among you, let him be thy servant."

I love you all, keep being great and thank you for your prayers!

Elder Nicholas Banks

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