Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Surprises, Surprises.

Dear All,

Well it happened. Yesterday, the Assistants called me, and told me that I have a change (transfer) tomorrow. Today is my last day in Puerto San José. I'm really sad, especially because I love the members, the Branch President, and my companion. He's my favorite companion so far, and I absolutely love Elder Muñoz. They say you have a lot of companions in the mission, but only a few friends, and he's definitely one of the friends. I've never been able to teach with such unity with any of my companions. He literally knows what I want him to say about 95% of the time, and just says it. He's not afraid, and he'll become a great missionary. He already is one.

Since this isn't a normal transfer, they already told me where I'll be going, and who will be my companion, as well as who will be coming to finish the training of my companion. I'll be going to the area Villa Nueva 1 in the Villa Nueva zone, back in the capital. My companion will be Elder Martinez, who was Elder Muñoz' MTC companion! His companion right now is Elder Krantz, who came in with me to the mission. Elder Pierce, one of my friends here, will be coming to finish training Elder Muñoz, and to be the new District Leader here. I will continue as District Leader in Villa Nueva, but in a bigger district this time. So, I'll be back in the "cold" of the capital. I'm also pretty sure that Elder Tillman, who was in the district here, will be in the district again in Villa Nueva, but we'll see.

As for Puerto, I feel like I'm going out with a bang, even though this week hasn't been the most productive, because we got the branch president and his counselor working. As missionaries, we can separate from our companions if we're with another responsible Melchizedek priesthood holder (typically a male member of the church of 18 years or older), so on Sundays we do divisions with President Barrera, and Hno. Alonzo. One companion goes to visit less-active families, and the other goes to the appointments we had set previously. It's worked out pretty well. We also eat lunch in the chapel before going out to visit.

Overall, I'll miss Puerto San José, but I'll do the Lord's will. My will really doesn't matter, but if I do his, everything will be alright, and I will receive many blessings.

I love you all. Thank you for your prayers, because they really do make a big difference.

Keep the faith. Endure to the end. Love the Lord, do what He says, and everything will work out alright.

Take care,
Elder Banks

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