Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Well, it's happened again. Changes. For the rest of the world, it would be Transfers, but the word we use in Spanish, "cambios," literally means "changes" so that's what we call it here.

Tomorrow will be the change meeting. Since it's a little different in every mission, I'll explain how it works here:
On Monday morning (p-day) we receive a call with the changes, and they say, for instance, "In Villa Nueva 1, Elder Gabriel Stays and Elder Banks Leaves." Basically, they just tell us who has to pack. They also sometimes say "Elder Banks leaves and has an interview at 8am." If you have an interview, it means you will receive an assignment, such as being a district leader, zone leader, retention secretary, or assistant to the president.

Then all those who have "changes" go with their companions to a stake center in a place called Monte MarĂ­a (Mount Mary) to the Transfer meeting on Wednesday.

Changes are read by zone, in alphabetical order. The missionary who is staying in the area stands up, then, when his new companion is announced, he also stands up, they recognize each other, and sit down. It's funny, because the missionary playing the piano (which is sometimes me) usually doesn't get seen for a few seconds when his name is announced, because nobody remembers the pianist. New missionaries sit in the first rows, and trainers sit on the stand.

For example, when Elder Gabriel came here with me, they read "In Villa Nueva 1, Elder Banks (I then stood up) receives Elder Gabriel (who then stood up, then we both sat down).

It was funny when I went to the coast, because my companion had been joking with everyone that "In Escuintla, Elder x receives Elder Banks!" Then, that very change meeting, I went to Escuintla.

So that's where we'll be tomorrow, because I have changes. I will be leaving the celestial area of Villa Nueva 1, with awesome members, amazing recent converts, and plenty of great investigators.

And there we are. I feel that I might be going to one of the zones that will leave the mission, or to a certain place in the mountains. But I won't know until tomorrow.

Also, in Villa Nueva 1 there will be a trio. We know because they dropped off furniture on Saturday (desk, closet, bed, etc.) for another missionary to live there.

I'm really going to miss it here, there are so many great people, but I know that since the work is starting to speed up here, the Lord will send a great missionary (or 2) to take my place.

Anyway, I hope you are all well. Take care.
Trust in the Lord, and whatever happens, it'll be alright.

With love,
Elder Banks

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