Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Deja vu

Dear All,

First, I'll tell you about what I was expecting, Then I'll tell you what happened.

This change, leaving Villa Nueva, I Expected to go to either Chimaltenango, which is the mountains, or to one of the zones leaving the Central Mission, Mariscal or Nimajuyu. My first area was in Mariscal, so I thought that my destination would be Nimajuyu.

Change day came. I went to change meeting . . .

"In the Mariscal zone, in Panorama 1, Elder Arrieta receives . . . Elder Banks!"

Let me explain the significance of this.

Panorama used to be one area, for a DL and his companion. They just split the area and opened Panorama 2 with sisters this change. I know, because we had to find them a house. My first District Leader in the mission was stationed in Panorama. I am now the District Leader here. And Jerusalén, my first area, is in my district!
And if that wasn't enough, my first Son, Elder Luna, is in my first area, Jerusalén!!

And if that wasn't enough, my first son, Elder Luna, who is in my first area, Jerusalén, is training HIS first son, Elder Mansilla!!!

How crazy is that?!?!?

And I get a front row seat to all of it! I've already seen 2 members from Jerusalén on the buses here, and one of them was one of my converts!!

I'm basically here to work hard for these last few months, and do my best to lift up the ward, and lead the biggest district in the mission, being 5 companionships. There are other districts tied with this one in being the biggest. Mine also includes 2 pairs of sisters, which is a blessing, because I don't have to manage doing divisions with 4 different sets of Elders.

If that wasn't enough, I now have had companions from every country in Central America, with the exception of Nicaragua and Panama. I have had companions from Guatemala, El Salvador, Honduras, and Costa Rica. And Peru, and the USA, but those aren't part of central america.

The bad news is that I will probably be sent to the South Mission, and will no longer work with President Brough, whom I love so much, but I know it was revelation from the Lord, so I don't complain. President Brough taught us that "it doesn't matter where you serve, but rather how you serve."

I testify of the truth of these things. The position doesn't matter, the where doesn't matter, the what doesn't matter, only the How.

So if the Lord sends you to be a Stake President in Southeastern Africa or a Primary Teacher in Provo, Utah, just do your best. In the Lord’s eyes, both are equally important.

Remember that He loves you, and that there is nothing you can’t do if you have faith!

Take care. Thank you for your prayers.

Keep the faith,

Elder Banks

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