Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Another Week in Panorama

Panorama. What a name.

It's a good name for this area too, because we've got several good panoramas from here. Not as good as in Jerusalén, but that's okay.

Speaking of that, I've got divisions today. I'm NOT going to Jerusalen, but my grandson Elder Mansilla is coming here with me. (Here in the mission, we refer to our trainers as "dads" our greenies as "sons" and if our "sons" become trainers, we have "grandsons").

I'm happy for the opportunity the Lord has given me to serve him. I'm not here for my own glory, but for his. I will serve him however he desires that I serve him. I know he loves me, and will bless me, but that's not why I do it. I do it because I love him.

And I love the people.

One of those people, Ofelia, was going to come to church for the first time this Sunday. She didn't, and she made an excuse that "I don't want to." I've been more sure that she'll be baptized than any other person I've ever taught, so I'm not worried, but I know she'll be a great member of the church, so I know the enemy is trying to break her down before we can get the Spirit into her heart. But nothing is impossible for the Lord. I know we'll get through this stage with her, and that she'll be baptized.

Our appointment we had with her last week was really special. We went with some members who live near her home, and they are perfect friends. They got along super well. We also found out that Ofelia is a nurse, a seamstress, an electrician, a cook, a baker, a furniture maker, and is taking some computer classes. She's about 65 years old, maybe a little older, and she's abslutely amazing. I can already see her teaching classes and serving in the Relief Society. She's one I can't let go. She HAS to be baptized. I pray for the inspiration to be able to help her to be able to progress, because I love her, and I know she'll be a great asset to the Lord's kingdom.

Thank you for all your prayers. Remember that I love you all, but especially that the Lord loves you all. Tall or short, big or small, he loves each one of his children. And if he loves me this much, imagine how much he must love each of you!

Have a great week.
Keep the faith.
And remember His Love.


Elder Banks

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