Tuesday, June 18, 2013

News and Miracles

First the Miracles, then the News

Our investigator, Isaac, was Baptized! He had his baptismal interview on Thursday and was baptized on Saturday. He was baptized by another recent convert, who also gave him the Aaronic Priestood under the Bishop's direction on Sunday.

Isaac's an interesting case, because he hides his testimony inside, even though it is really super strong. He was so happy to be baptized, confirmed, and receive the Aaronic Priesthood that he brought us to his friend's house yesterday, and we taught the friend. Isaac then gave his testimony, and it was super powerful. His friend, who is a bit young and wild, I could literally almost see him with a short haircut, well-dressed and serving as a missionary. He agreed to be baptized when God tells him that these things are true. It was one of the coolest lessons I've had on the mission.

Attached are a couple of pictures. One is Isaac's baptism, the other is the big giant nachos we shared yesterday at the Mono Loco (Crazy Monkey) restaurant in Antigua.

Antigua was fun. I bought a couple of neat things, and the lady who sold me one of those things started to ask me about the Church. I invited her to give me her address so the missionaries could visit her, but she was just curious.

We also got locked in the chapel on Thursday. We were going to have a chapel tour with one of our best investigators who hasn't come to Church yet, and she came! She was right outside the gate with the members who brought her in their car. We pushed the button on the remote to open the electric gate (all the churches here have a big tall fence, and some, like ours, have electric gates to let the cars into the parking lot.). . . and the gate refused to open. Since the fence was so high, we were stuck. We had water and we were fine, we just had appointments we couldn't get to! The bishop called maintenance and they came to let us out and half-fix the gate.  It works now, but it's just going to break again. It's a self-destructive system the way it's programmed. For the sake of members and future missionaries, I hope they replace it soon.

President Brough called me this morning. He assigned me to be a trainer for the last three months of my Mission. I can't think of a better way to finish. The only thing is that I'll really miss President Brough. After the 29th, he won't me my mission president anymore, because this zone is changing missions to the Guatemala City South Mission. It's possible that he sends me out to open another area, but I doubt he will. I've had the feeling for a while, that I won't finish with Pres. Brough, but I'm not too worried. The important thing is HOW we serve, not with whom, nor where, nor in what position. The blessings are the SAME. The assistant to the president is just as important as the junior companion. The stake president is just as important as the lay member.

Anyway, thank you for your prayers. I can feel your love through the Spirit, and especially I can feel the Lord's love. We are never beyond the reach of His love. NEVER.

I love you all.
Take tons of care, and never forget that you are a Child of God.

Elder Banks

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