Monday, July 22, 2013

The Best Surprise Ever

Okay, I'll just go right into it.

I went on Friday, to Jerusalén, my first area, with Elder Luna, my first "Son," or greenie. While we were there, I saw a TON of members that remember me. One told me that since I left, nobody has played the piano in that chapel. They all said hi with lots of love, which was really cool.

The coolest part was when we walked in front of the Carrillo family's house. They said hi and everything, then they said "They already invited you to the sealing, right?" We then got talking, and I went into their house, where a sister with whom I had set a baptismal date with Elder Calta was there, and gong to be sealed to her husband the next day. He was an inactive member at the time we found them. They are SO POWERFUL! I love the Camel (Cam-ELL) family so much! Elder Daniels, who entered the mission with me, and who is in my zone, and myself were requested to be the witnesses of the sealing. I called President Stay immediately and he authorized us to go, and we went!

We got there a couple of hours early, so Elder Daniels and I offered ourselves for some time here in the CCM (MTC) to teach a district of new North Americans. They didn't understand most of what we said, but we did a demonstration with the teacher. The teacher was a sub, and the real teacher of that district is in the Panorama ward, and was Elder Refuerzo's teacher when he was in the CCM. Also, while at the temple, I saw Hno. Peña, a member from Sonora, at his shift in the temple. He told us what we needed to do. Then, after taking pictures with the Camel family oustide the temple, a bunch of members from Puerto San José were entering the temple, and recognized me. The current branch president, who wasn't the president when I was there, came, and I had already met him, but just before he had become the branch president. He said that the branch now has an attendance of 80 every Sunday, and there are baptisms every month!

It was basically the coolest day of my entire mission, and it all happened by ACCIDENT/COINCIDENCE. Except for the fact that that doesn't really mean anything, because it was all just a tender mercy of the Lord. I am so grateful for the opportunities that the Lord has given me to be able to participate in these things. The Lord must really love me, because he's blessed me so much.

I love you all!
Elder Banks

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