Monday, August 5, 2013

A hard week, but a good week

Dear loved ones,

This was an interesting week. My companion had surgery on his foot on Tuesday, because of a nasty ingrown toenail. He blames it on me for walking too fast, but I know better! We had to stay at home for a couple days, because it was difficult to get members to do divisions (one member stays with him, and another goes with me) do it wasn't the most productive week ever.

The good news is that they took really good care of us. Sister Jensen, our mission nurse, and Elder Jensen, her husband, are excellent. Sister Jensen is very loving and knowledgeable, and Elder Jensen is one of the funniest people I know. Every single time I've seen him, he's said something funny. For example, once he explained that in the South mission, they don't give elders microwave ovens because "Sisters know how to cook, Elders just poison themselves." They get home 2 weeks before me, and they're from Utah, so maybe I'll get to stop by and visit them a little later on!

Then, on Friday, our district had house inspections, but the zone leaders didn't know where all the houses in the district are. I knew all but one, and Elder Huayta, one of our zone leaders, knew all but one as well, so I went with him in the Jensens' car to do the house inspections. While Elder Jensen Inspected the houses, Elder Huayta and I repaired things in the houses that weren't alright, and got things out of the car to give to the elders and sisters, such as shower curtains, shower heaters, insecticide, hand sanitizer, and the candy bars we gave to those who had clean houses. It was a fun day, and it was great to get to know the Jensens a little better.

Also, on Saturday morning, I got a call from Hilton, the guy who makes suits. Mine was done, and he verified my address to come drop it off. It turned out really nice, but you'll all have to wait to see it, because I didn't bring my camera today. Anyway, it's perfect. It's a very handsome, refined suit that will serve me for years to come. (unless I get really fat, but he said he left some room to take the pants out, so no problem.)

Anyway, that's really the eventful part of this week, we just had a really spiritual testimony meeting yesterday that really edified me.

I love you all.
Keep the faith, and don't ever get down!

Elder Banks

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